Worms Demo (2013)

by Disgracer

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released March 16, 2013



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Disgracer Barcelona, Spain

Death/thrash metal from barcelona. We start in early 2012 and we record our first demo in march of 2013, after that our bassist albert left the band and was replaced by sergio.

Now we've recorded our first CD "Cursed since birth", more aggressive and complex.

For orders, booking... write to: disgracerband@gmail.com

Disgracer is:

Joan-Voices and guitars
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Track Name: Worms

Closed-mind puppets building their own grave
Crawling like worms to advance another step
Slaves of a destiny that they can't see
Born to work, and grown to consume

Consumed by problems that don't let them think
Oppressed by laws under a systematic chaos
Captured by the XXI century society
This is the future of the modern human shit

I don't need to wear the death on my back
I don't need to root like you in your flat
I don't need nothing of you
Cause your life is guided by a stinky scum

I don't need to be a brainless star
I don't need a ten thousand dollars scrap
I don't need nothing of you
Cause your life is guided by a stinky scum

Sacrifice your life to feed your family
Making no questions, new rot session
Trapped into this hopeless pit
Endless deception, there's no salvation

Thinking that money will finally set you free
The bars of your jail, in front of your eyes
Going through years, forgotten key
See that your freedom is just a disguise

Like blinded worms (Digging their tomb)
Die you blinded worms

We must deny their control
Open your eyes stand and FIGHT!
Track Name: Screams Of Agony

Fucking bitch, you leave me alone,
Filling your pocket, condemning your soul.
Living a selfish life, far away of your husband and son
All your lies weren't enough, nothing rest of a past gone
Fury is poisoning my veins, and now I'm going to kill you

You laugh in your mansion I watch you between the shadows
I hear your breath behind you, all my senses are open cause
Time has come, my knife is ready to strike you down
You will die, dead approach by the hand of your son


Feel the floor, Bleed for me, Brutal death
I see you cry as I smash your fucking face
Hearing your, screams of, agony
I see you cry as I smash your fucking face

I had my revenge I sate my thirst
Your cold blood slides on me
I laugh as your heart stops
I will see you behind the flames of hell
Track Name: Warning Bell

1936, a men fighting in the
Front of death, in the fucking civil
War of lies, started by two sides of
Dogs of greed, territorial brawl...

Brother killing brother! Hunger in the streets!

Obey the orders, save your family
Shoot the head, of your son's friend
Past is gone, all that you had learnt
Reload your gun, try to protect your life

Shoot to kill, bombardment, slaves of destiny
If you run they will get you, if you stop you will die
Mass destruction, warning bell, dying legions
People in the underground, holding their last hope


Chaos everywhere, burning churches in a
Phantom city, priest is taken of the
Hands of god, fighting for your faith in vain
Holy slaughter!

Brother killing brother! Hunger in the streets!

Smell of death, combat caused by
Opposite ideals, jungle laws are now the
Way that decide who lives or dies in here,
Where is my god now?
Track Name: Ripping Greed

Fear in the streets, killing to live inside this fucking ruin
Calamity strikes, massive assaults to take last reserves

Panic is breaking the ties of trust
Now your own brother is shooting your back

Piles of corpses, deal with the chaos provoked by your bosses
State of alarm, children is crying under terror attack

Merciless murders to steal ammunition
Try to obviate the screams in the alleys

Violent intrusion, criminal class walking out of prison
Global phobia, now past life is only an utopia

Buildings are falling under a burning sun
There is no hope for this shattered world

Death realms buried by ripping greed
Eternal peace as I watch all go down
I’m hiding within all this confusion
Seeing my past life like only an illusion

Laws, are forgotten in the past
Fear, crawling up your spine
Death, spreading like a black fog
Hope, extinguished in this city of sin